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Why Your Facility Needs Certified Sustainable Cleaning Supplies

Working with organizations that seek out third party validations such as Green Seal and the UL Environmental Claim Validation will support your green cleaning endeavors and a healthier, cleaner environment.

Keys to a Safer Cleaning Program

By implementing a safer cleaning program, you’re not just protecting your business. You're also protecting the people in it and the environment.

How to Clean Schools & Universities Sustainably

Incorporating sustainable cleaning practices can improve efficiency, reduce costs and help save the planet.

With most schools now fully open, it’s time to evaluate if your cleaning practices are the healthiest for students, faculty and the planet.

When implementing a sustainable cleaning program, use products that have a limited impact on the environment. As part of the evaluation process, it is important to understand the differences between “green” and “sustainable” cleaning products. The first is referring to the environmental impacts of a product. The latter is used to describe the entire ...

Choosing Cleaning Supplies to Meet the New Standard of Facility Cleanliness

Building a best-in-class custodial closet for your business

4 Ways to Give Back to Your Organization's Community

Why your business should practice CSR and how to begin helping those in need close to home.

Reasons to Implement Green Cleaning During Cold and Flu Season

Incorporating a green cleaning program, business leaders can improve the typically resource-intensive process of cleaning while also limiting the spread of germs.

3 Must-haves for Sustainable Hard Floor Care

How to prepare your facility for winter floor care challenges.

4 Sustainability Questions to Ask Cleaning Tool Manufacturers

Why It’s Important to Do Your Research Before Investing in Green Cleaning Products and Practices

How Cleaning Programs Can Reduce the Environmental Burdens of Waste Generation

Finding small ways to reduce the waste your organization produces can lead to a huge, collective improvement for the environment.

Limiting Employee Turnover with a Sustainable Cleaning Program

By combining sustainable practices with effective cleaning, employers send the message that they care about meeting evolving employee expectations, which in turn can improve employee retention.