Over 9 in 10 people across the world say their views on environmental sustainability have changed within the last four years. They’ve also shared that businesses that prioritize sustainability initiatives will be more appealing to them. As a facility manager, it’s time to replace outdated practices, especially when it comes to cleaning, with well-communicated, new initiatives to help meet the new expectations of facility occupants, such as employees and guests. Even seemingly minor changes can have a meaningful impact on the environment and can help demonstrate your sustainability commitment to facility occupants. With the new year underway, now is a great time to assess your facility’s sustainability initiatives and determine ways to make even smarter choices to help the planet in 2024.

New Year, New Sustainable Habits

Use Sustainable Tools

For many consumers, their trust increases when companies earn environmentally-safe logos on their products from reputable independent third parties. Third-party organizations, such as UL Ecologo and Green Seal® conduct thorough tests to evaluate the impacts of a product throughout its entire life cycle. The tests help ensure materials sourced to make products are done in truly sustainable ways. Tests can also detect anyvolatile organic compounds (VOC). Opting for third-party certified cleaning tools helps ensure minimal VOCs, lowering the risk of harmful chemical exposure for your facility occupants and custodial staff. In 2024, invest time researching the company you purchase products for your facility from to ensure they hold a reputable third-party certification. For example, ABCO proudly showcases our Green Seal® certification for our line of Natura Yarn Mops. This line is the first and only Green

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Another sustainable habit your facility can implement is a recycling program that facility occupants will stick to. Your program should begin by educating facility occupants on the impact recycling has on the environment. Furthermore, learn which types of materials can be recycled in your area. Consider placing signage above color-coded waste bins to serve as a guide to proper sorting. Other efforts could include establishing a reward system for recycling and even setting up a composting program.

At ABCO, recycling is an integral part of our sustainability efforts. Each year, we repurpose 12 million pounds of garment scrap that would otherwise end up in landfills to make our Natura Yarn products. Currently, we are also establishing a food waste composting program at our Honduras plant, further demonstrating our continuous efforts to reduce our environmental impact.

New Year, New Reporting Measures

Regular, transparent sustainability reporting is also emerging as a crucial factor for long-term business success. A striking 86% of Americans now consider business transparency more vital than ever, with 89% expressing that admitting mistakes helps rebuild trust. Without transparency, there is no trust. As a facility manager, it’s essential to be open about your organization’s sustainability goals and how your facility is working to achieve them.

Improve your commitment to sustainability by working with an external company, such as Green2Sustainable, to conduct a sustainability audit. These audits provide valuable insights into how your facility’s current initiatives impact the environment.

By utilizing Green2Sustainable’s findings, we showcase our commitment through a sustainability dashboard. This helps increase transparency and emphasizes our efforts in contributing to environmental well-being.

New Year, New Facility Practices

Now, more than ever, there’s a notable expectation for organizations to be sustainable and prove that they’re taking action to help the planet. It’s seen with individuals increasingly scrutinizing the companies they engage with and seeking greater transparency on sustainability initiatives. Consider adopting new practices that help contribute to a more sustainable future. Let’s work together to make a lasting positive impact on our planet.