As businesses continue to achieve net-zero environmental goals, it’s more important than ever that companies assess the net effect of the products their facility uses. Each business leader and facility manager plays a role in how efficiently a business can achieve its net zero goal. Therefore, organization leaders must work together to prioritize sustainable measures. ABCO’s mission of protecting the planet begins with producing innovative and high-quality cleaning solutions while prioritizing sustainability.It continues to set goals to minimize carbon emissions and working toward a net zero carbon footprint.

Aim for a Net Zero Future

Greenhouse gas emissions cause air pollution, climate change and environmental damage at significant rates. However, recent net-zero commitments from manufacturing companies show there is hope for a greener future.

Efforts to minimize negative environmental impact include switching to 100% renewable electricity and low-carbon energy sources in manufacturing operations. In other industries such as agriculture, food service manufacturers are cutting emissions from agricultural ingredients and embracing circular economy measures.

Not only do these efforts benefit the environment, but they can protect workers’ health too. When you have employees who feel good at work, it can lead to boosted productivity and financial gains as well. It's essential for businesses to emphasize sustainable efforts being made on their end as it becomes increasingly important to consumers.

Partner with Quality Brands

As businesses begin their road to reaching net zero, it’s important for facility managers to work with sustainable companies that prioritize the production of high-quality and durable cleaning tools. Partnering with companies that believe in making products that create value for customers, without sacrificing the environment, shows consideration for the quality of products brought into your facility.

As part of the commitment to a net zero future, many of ABCO’s products have been third-party certified for environmental innovation. This includes its Natura Yarn Mops, which are the first and only line of mops certified by Green Seal®. Additionally, ABCO’s Large Natura Broom Head, manufactured from 100% recycled content, and the Lobby Dustpan, produced from a minimum 48% recycled content, both received UL Environmental Claim Validation.

Another sustainable strategy that ABCO has implemented is having solar panels on top of its manufacturing plants. These solar panels work to produce 1 megawatt of energy and power the facility while reducing energy demand from non-renewable sources.

Work Toward a Greener Future

Following today’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards that the public holds for businesses. Strategies as simple as implementing accessible recycling programs throughout the production process can make a big difference. Additionally, developing systems to avoid excess carbon pollution and create a healthier work environment for workers helps decrease health risksin the workplace while protecting the environment. This means easier breathing for workers while reducing environmental impacts.

To minimize gas emissions, your facility can work to purchase products that are manufactured close to the U.S. Doing so helps to lessen transportation time. This helps customers receive products more efficiently with environmental protection in mind. Sustainability efforts shouldn’t stop once products leave the plants either, utilizing sustainable packaging reduces the amount of cardboard and plastic used and can be repurposed.

Get Started Today

Creating a healthier future for the planet starts with efforts made today. ABCO continues to further the company’s effort of achieving net-zero business by providing public facilities with long-lasting sustainable cleaning tools while prioritizing the planet. Beginning from the first steps within the manufacturing plants to customers unboxing delivered products, minimizing a carbon footprint is at the forefront of ABCO’s mission. Learn more about ABCO’s sustainability efforts and cleaning tools at