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The Role of Proper Restroom Maintenance

The role of restroom maintenance involves more than just keeping up appearances. It is crucial for pathogen protection, can enhance confidence among building occupants and employees and can play a key role in a facility’s larger sustainability program. Restroom maintenance is an area of opportunity as facilities look to live up to the new standard of cleanliness.

Why your Building Should Pursue LEED Certification

The more LEED points you earn across the nine categories, the closer you become to achieving Platinum, the highest designation. Your approach to cleaning your facility can have a positive effect on your overall score, as cleaning can enhance indoor air quality, which is measured in the Indoor Environmental Quality category. A focus on sustainable cleaning can also impact the Water Efficiency category and the Innovation category.

Three Red Flags of Greenwashing

To avoid deceptive marketing tactics regarding environmental responsibility, buyers need to scrutinize products before purchasing. With knowledge of greenwashing red flags, organizations can easily spot the difference between genuine claims as well as false. Selecting sustainable cleaning solutions can help achieve goals such as water, energy and chemical savings as well as reducing landfill waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

Five Tips for Creating a Culture of Cleanliness

By implementing frequent cleaning with high-quality tools, facilities can maintain indoor air quality and disinfect surfaces to slow the spread of viruses and bacteria. Train employees to apply cleaning and disinfecting best practices throughout the facility to help maintain building occupant health.

Reducing Conditions for Risk of Slips and Falls

Comprehensive approach to promoting safety with training, products and floor cleaning.

Finding the Right Mop for your Floor Care Needs

Selecting the right mops is a critical component of designing a comprehensive floor care program. Knowledge of the material content differences, as well as applications of mop heads, helps facility managers find mops to keep their floors clean and their workers and occupants safe.

Recycling 101: How Cleaning is Tied to our Environment

Incorporating sustainable cleaning tools is an easy way to improve your environmental footprint and showcase your dedication to improving the planet.

Debunking the Top Myths of Sustainable Cleaning

Sustainability is not a passing trend. It is an integrated way of doing business that is increasingly important given the growing concerns around climate change and rising populations faced with limited resources.

The Perception of Cleanliness

Allowing unclean surfaces and offensive odors to linger unattended can lead to a negative brand perception as well as discourage customers from revisiting your establishment.

The Value of Green Seal Certification

Green Seal certification elevates the select number of products and services that earn this designation to a new level. Certification through this trustworthy third-party provides visible proof of environmental responsibility and optimal performance.