On average, Americans each produce nearly 5 pounds of garbage per day and approximately three-quarters of a ton per year. Now, more than ever, it’s important for business leaders to minimize their negative environmental impacts, and implementing sustainable cleaning practices is a good place to start. In 2018, ABCO reused over 9 million pounds of scrap textiles to produce mop heads, helping divert this textile waste from landfills. The forefront of our mission has always been to provide facilities with cleaning products that not only provide effective cleaning solutions but also support sustainable efforts to help our planet.

Alarming Levels of Waste

In the U.S., 11 million metric units of textile waste go to landfills each year. This is largely due to the fashion industry. Many states have taken notice of a drastic increase in textile waste in recent years and have taken action to prevent it from furthering. In 2022, states like Massachusetts banned textiles from being thrown in the garbage. To further limit the impact of textile waste on the environment, ABCO has partnered with textile mills in Central and South America and uses textile waste from these mills to produce sustainable, award-winning mops. In fact, we diverted 10 million pounds of textile scrap from landfills in 2020.

Textile waste isn’t the only concern. The United States continues to produce the most plastic waste, generating a record 42 million metric tons of plastic waste per year. A significant contribution to this is the increase in online shopping and the misuse of plastic packaging. The increase in online deliveries has also largely increased emissions harmful to the planet. To help mitigate the growing volume that negatively impacts the environment, we recycle up to 92% of our waste.

Benefits of Sustainable Efforts

It’s important for businesses to take responsibility for their impact on the environment. One way to do so is through sustainable cleaning. Conduct an audit to see how much plastic your facility is using on a regular basis through equipment and cleaning products. Aim to use sustainable cleaning products certified by third-party entities like Green Seal who verify they’re environmentally friendly. Also, ensure that all plastic bottles and materials are recycled properly.

Manufacturers are noticing the desire for sustainable innovation in cleaning products, and many have been able to produce cleaning tools that not only work effectively but also benefit the environment. For instance, our mops are made from 100% post-industrial blends, resulting in significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption and soil and water contamination. One of our Natura Brooms repurposes up to eight plastic bottles and 250 bottle caps.

Not only do efforts toward sustainability improve reputation and image, but they can also drive sales and customer loyalty. Minor changes such as implementing recycling bins in your facility, to bigger steps like switching to sustainable packaging, all add up to a positive impact on business, people and the planet.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Organizations that truly strive for sustainability start from within. At ABCO, we use innovativeBrik-Pak™ packaging which reduces the amount of cardboard and plastic needed to package our mops by up to 70% when compared to standard packaging. Our avoided carbon pollution equals planting 17,857 trees. Our facilities and the products we produce start with keeping our customers and the environment in mind. We want our customers to experience exceptional cleaning results while knowing they are contributing to a greater impact.

Incorporating sustainable cleaning tools is an easy way to improve your environmental footprint while helping to keep your facility and the occupants in it healthy and safe. Learn more about products like the Green Seal- and UL Solutions-certified Natura Yarn range of mops, brushes and brooms at www.abcoproducts.com.