We’re excited to announce ABCO’s injection molding facility in Choloma, Honduras, has celebrated its two-year anniversary. As a part of ABCO Cleaning Products’ commitment to providing innovative and sustainable solutions to facility cleaning tools, the company has focused on innovating its manufacturing plants. This results in reduced transportation and delivery time to minimize greenhouse gas emissions, thus furthering its commitment to sustainable manufacturing.

Growth In a Sustainable Direction

The 125,000-square-foot plant was originally built to expand the organization’s plastic injection molding capabilities. This supports the production of high-demand cleaning tools like mop buckets, wringers, floor brushes and squeegees while minimizing supply-chain stress. Since transit time from the Choloma plant to ABCO’s Miami headquarters is brief at 4 days, a larger number of shipments can be efficiently delivered, across the United States.

From the time the Choloma facility began production, there has been tremendous growth. Including the sale of over 400,000 mop buckets. Meaning, that customers can purchase high-quality products while still being mindful of environmental impacts.

Commitment to a Green Future

Along with the placement of manufacturing plants to minimize transportation and shipment impacts on the environment, ABCO continues to implement sustainability efforts in its business as much as possible. Products like the UL Environmental Claims-validated Natura brooms and dustpans are made with recycled materials. In fact, each Natura broom repurposes eight plastic water bottles and 250 bottle caps.

Sustainability doesn’t stop after product production. Additionally, ABCO strives to achieve high standards of sustainable innovation in its products by obtaining certificates such as theUL Environmental Claims Validation. Third-party certifications are important as they show a buyer and end user that a product is truly sustainable.

Give Back to Progress Ahead

Committing to building a green future means being socially responsible outside of product production and looking for new business opportunities that will help community members and consumers. ABCO acknowledges the importance of giving back to local communities by contributing to philanthropic activities that have a large impact on employees where it has manufacturing facilities. Its current efforts support access to clean water, education and childhood cancer research in Honduras where their injection molding plant is located as well as Nicaragua.

Furthermore, ABCO’s “Infant Layettes for Newborns” program was recently launched, which provides employees who are expectant parents with products needed for their babies. Items such as diapers, clothing, toiletries and more are donated to help mitigate some financial stress for young families.

Milestones to Come

As ABCO continues to find innovative and sustainable solutions for facility cleaning products, the company is celebratory of the milestones that have been achieved. The Honduras injection molding facility continues to grow and produce high-quality cleaning tools at a rapid rate. ABCO is committed to meeting the high demands of sustainable solutions for facilities and strengthening the efficiency of its business while prioritizing the environment.