In this edition of “Meet the Team,” we head to Miami, Florida where Tiffany Vereen, Customer Resource Coordinator at ABCO Cleaning Products, shares insight into her professional experience and various roles she’s held at the company.

Tiffany discusses her passion for collaborating with team members and the joy of helping customers find innovative, sustainable solutions. She reflects on the skills she’s acquired from her time at ABCO and how it has helped her grow confidence in her professional abilities.

Please share your journey of working at ABCO.

I’ve been at ABCO for 19 years. I started back in 2004 and have since worked my way up to my current role as a Customer Resource Coordinator. Throughout my time at ABCO, I’ve gained excellent leadership skills that have prepared me to work with the customer-facing side of the business and provide support to ensure they receive exceptional service.

Along with daily clerical and administrative tasks, my main duties include servicing our Food Chain division customers and sales managers. This includes processing and managing orders and aiding with any questions or concerns. Also, I’ve had the chance to help prepare ABCO for tradeshows, which has taught me valuable organizational skills as well as the opportunity to engage with customers in person. I admire ABCO’s encouragement to endeavor in different areas of the company. This has helped me harness useful career skills to help meet our customers’ needs.

What is your favorite part about working at ABCO?

My favorite part is supporting customer needs and working to ensure they have a positive experience with our services. It’s great to see the strong relationships we build over time and the impact it has on their facilities. We have a fantastic team at ABCO that works together to support each other and accomplish our end goal of providing high-quality, sustainable solutions.

I’m constantly learning beneficial skills that not only help my professional development but are practical in everyday life. I’ve become familiar with using various software programs as well as insightful knowledge on commercial insurance.

What are some of ABCO’s more recent accomplishments that you are most proud of?

I’m extremely proud that ABCO won the Environmental and Sustainability Award as well as the Distributor’s Choice Award at this year’s ISSA Show North America. The company is dedicated to ensuring sustainability efforts are being implemented into our products and services, it’s rewarding to see our work recognized.

Additionally, I’m proud of ABCO’s CSR work in supporting nonprofit organizations. The company contributes to philanthropic activities that support access to clean water, education and childhood cancer research in Honduras and Nicaragua. Also, there are various internal programs we have to ensure employees and their families have an ample amount of support. For example, ABCO recently implemented the “Infant Layettes for Newborns" program, which helps employees who are expecting parents by providing them with newborn necessities, like diapers and more.

What is the company culture like at ABCO?

ABCO is extremely family-oriented and ensures that its employees come first. It’s reassuring to have a team that supports one another and understands when someone needs a helping hand. We approach our company goals as a team and have created a strong work culture that I’m proud to be a part of. At ABCO, we’re valued as individuals, not just our job titles. We are humans who experience personal, financial or medical challenges and ABCO is always willing to offer support when needed.

ABCO’s mission is to prioritize the production of high-quality, sustainable cleaning tools.

As an ABCO employee, what does the importance of sustainability mean to you?

To me, sustainability means meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. As ESG (environmental, social and governance) efforts become more prominent in today’ market, I’m proud to work for a company that's mission from day one has been to provide valuable products and services while minimizing environmental impacts.