Meet Jennifer Rojas: Customer Service Manager

In this edition of “Meet the Team,” we head to Choloma, Honduras where Jennifer Rojas, Customer Service Manager at ABCO Cleaning Products, discusses her story of working at ABCO’s plastic tools plant.

Jennifer shares her passion for providing sustainable solutions to customers as well as the skills and career growth opportunities she’s gained. Furthermore, she reflects on the importance of working with goal-oriented individuals who are kind and compassionate to help each other thrive. Please share your journey of working at ABCO.

I’ve been at ABCO for 12 years. I started back in 2011 as a customer service representative. After that, I was promoted to Supervisor where I gained excellent leadership and organizational skills. Since then, I transitioned to the customer-facing side of the business and for the last five years, I’ve been in my current role as the Customer Service Manager.

My main duties include managing both customer service and our inside sales team, planning warehouse shipping programs and overseeing all ABCO’s outbound logistics. Given today’s supply chain climate, I find my role ever-changing, so I need to be quick to adapt to help meet our customers’ needs.

What is your favorite part about working at ABCO?

My favorite part is supporting customer needs and being the go-to person for providing them with a great service experience. It feels good to have a role in building positive relationships with our customers. When it comes to a successful business, the service that customers experience is just as vital as the products we produce. I also enjoy work related to logistics for our outbound shipments.

What are some of ABCO’s more recent accomplishments that you are most proud of?

I’m really proud that we have received Green Seal Certification for a variety of our sustainable products such as our Helper Dust Mops, Cotton Loop-End Mops, Rayon Cut-End Mops and many more. As for me personally, ABCO has helped me expand many of my professional skills, the most essential ones being problem-solving, leadership and time management. During the last 12 years,

I’ve seen myself become more confident in my role and an asset to my team. I hope to continue to build my professional network, find more advancement opportunities at ABCO and eventually obtain a certification as a corporate coach.

ABCO emphasizes the importance of corporate social responsibility. Is there a time ABCO supported you or a fellow employee that sticks out to you?

Absolutely. We recently had an event for our employees in Honduras who have children going back to school. ABCO handed out school supplies including backpacks, clothes, notebooks and other essential items they would need to start the school year. School supplies can be costly for many families, so it felt great to see the children and parents so grateful to receive them.

Additionally, ABCO started a new program called “Infant Layettes for Newborns” which provides ABCO employees who are expectant parents with newborn necessities such as diapers, formula, clothing and other essentials that are often expensive. ABCO goes above and beyond to ensure that each of its employees, as well as their families, feel supported, which has a significant positive impact on our company culture.

What is the company culture like at ABCO?

Whether it’s financial support, onsite employee health clinics, or highlighting employees on social platforms, ABCO ensures that every employee feels valued beyond their job role. We are all there to support each other in creating high-quality sustainable cleaning products. We are committed to working as a team and collaborating to achieve our goals. It makes a big difference when you work for a company that views its employees beyond people who need to make sales or hit quotas.

ABCO’s mission is to prioritize the production of high-quality, sustainable cleaning tools. As an ABCO employee, what does the importance of sustainability mean to you?

To me, sustainability means doing our part to make sure that future generations will have access to the same resources as we do. By working to minimize environmental impacts and provide products that not only support our consumers but benefit the planet, we can help build a better tomorrow. I’m proud to work for a company that embodies this mission and continues to look for new resources and programs that protect the environment.

What sets ABCO apart from other sustainability-focused companies?

I can’t name just one reason. I believe what sets us apart is that for the last couple of years, our sustainability focus has become part of our culture. We have a story to tell from the beginning of product production to the moment it’s delivered to our consumers. Our customers contribute to our mission of committing to sustainability when they purchase our products.

It’s exciting to know that with every product purchased by a consumer, we’re one step closer to achieving our mission of creating a greener and cleaner planet.