Now, more than ever, facility managers face heightened pressure to address their sustainability practices. Current consumers are displaying a greater awareness of the products they purchase and are curious about how these products affect the environment and their health. One major concern is ensuring companies uphold their sustainability claims.

A way to meet consumers’ demand is switching to third-party certified cleaning tools. Opting for these tools demonstrates environmental consciousness and consideration toward protecting human health and the planet.

What Are Third-Party Certifications?

For a product to become third-party certified, an accredited independent organization needs to review the complete production journey, spanning from the product’s materials’ origin to its final form. The goal of this process is to verify that every stage of the life cycle aligns with predetermined standards of sustainability, quality and performance. Meeting these benchmarks demonstrates a strong commitment to safety and sustainability.

While researching sustainable cleaning tools, it’s essential to remain cautious about the phenomenon of greenwashing. This occurs when manufacturers use misleading claims to convey false information about their product’s environmental impact. Such products often have labels like “eco-friendly” or “non-toxic” to create an allusion that it's environmentally friendly. These claims lack further verifiable information about the entire life cycle. It’s essential to pay close attention to the label of an item to ensure it contains a third-party certification.

Types of Certifications

There are several reputable third-party certifications to know, including Green Seal®, EPA Safer Choice and ECOLOGO®. These trusted organizations specialize in conducting Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) to determine a product’s impact on both people and the environment. During this process, these organizations identify areas in the life cycle that could be improved and how different materials affect the environment. Selecting products bearing at least one of these certifications can provide you with confidence it’s a sustainable choice for both the environment and human health.

Benefits of Certified Products

The process of getting products third-party certified can be quite long because it involves extensive preparation and testing. Through this process, manufacturers gain valuable insights into the potential impacts of their products on both people and the environment. Attaining this certification demonstrates their dedication to safety and sustainability.

Minimizes Toxin Exposure

Using certified cleaning products also provides reassurance that it’s safe for human use. Throughout the LCA, third-party organizations determine if the item produces any toxins. These organizations also can determine if there are any volatile organic compounds (VOC) and if the toxicity level of production is high. Choosing to use products from organizations with third-party validations actively helps reduce the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals for occupants within the building and the custodial staff. It confirms there are minimal VOCs and low toxicity levels.

Enhances Reputation

As consumers’ focus changes towards prioritizing sustainability, so do their loyalties. They seek companies that share a common concern about the environment. In fact, over 77% of consumers are more likely to stay loyal to a company that prioritizes sustainability.
Since our start over 45 years ago, ABCO has been highly focused on producing high-quality and sustainable products. In fact, ABCO’s Large Natura Broom Head and Lobby Dustpan both received the UL Environmental Claim Validation (ECV) recently. This certification helps further validate our products’ environmental claims. Selecting products with the UL ECV certification significantly helps increase our customers’ trust in our manufacturing processes. Additionally, ABCO’s Green Seal® Certified Natura Yarn product line of wet and dry mops has helped recycle up to twelve million pounds of clothing scrap that would otherwise end up in landfills or incinerators.

Create a Greener Future

Selecting third-party certified cleaning products demonstrates a genuine commitment to both human and environmental health. This prioritization also serves as a protective measure against any potential “greenwashing” tactics. Ultimately, this decision not only can increase loyalty but also showcase your dedication to mitigating the negative environmental effects of products within your facility.

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