When you’re an employer, it’s easy to get wrapped up in day-to-day work and forget all that your employees do for you. Employee recognition is important, so much so that there’s a holiday to honor it. This year on March 3rd, celebrate the hardworking men and women in your company by taking part in Employee Appreciation Day. This is an opportunity for employers to thank their staff and recognize the work they do to keep businesses and facilities running smoothly. Recognizing employees who work hard is not only a nice gesture that can boost morale, but it’s also proven to increase employee engagement.

How ABCO Gives Back

ABCO develops innovative and high-quality cleaning solutions for businesses with a focus on people and the planet. Our commitment to sustainability has led to numerous environmentally friendly outcomes such as saving ten million pounds of clothing scraps from landfills by using them to produce our Natura line of wet mops and dry mops. Furthermore, we use a Brik-Pak™ packaging system that is made entirely of recycled materials to help reduce plastic waste.

While limiting our impact on the environment is at the heart of our mission, it all starts with our people. By choosing to make conscious efforts toward social responsibility, we engage in philanthropic activities that support our factory workers in Honduras and Nicaragua. We strive to provide them easier access to clean water and education, and support programs dedicated to childhood cancer research. We have also provided free education, breakfast, lunch and school uniforms to over 700 students facing extreme poverty in Central America.

A business is only as strong as its employees, which is why the health and safety of our team remains a top priority. For example, 2020 was a treacherous year physically, mentally and financially for many. ABCO responded by providing over 53,000 free meals for our employees. Looking out for our employees also includes their loved ones, which is why we offer a free medical clinic at our Honduras plant to all our employees and their families.

Options to Support Others are Endless

Finding ways to show appreciation and care toward your employees can be done in many ways. Lighthearted gestures and celebrations like bringing in breakfast or lunch for your team can have a positive impact on morale. Regularly offering bonuses or raffle prizes is another way to reward their hard work.

On a more significant scale, giving back to your employees can mean offering educational training programs that give them an opportunity to advance in their careers. It also means being transparent by often checking in with your team and ensuring they feel heard and valued. Providing support for your employees to help ensure they feel good when they come to work and put their best foot forward not only benefits them but the business as well. One in five adults experience mental illness each year; many businesses have implemented free counseling to employees to prioritize wellness along with work.

Show Up for Your Employees

When employees feel valued, it empowers them to work harder. Studies show that over half (53%) of employees admit that they would feel inclined to stay at their job if they received frequent appreciation. It’s important to show employees that their work does not go unnoticed and that they are treated as valued individuals.

The culture you create in your facility reflects the work that is done and the success of your business. If you’re uncertain how to support your employees, have a conversation that allows them to share their ideas and feel heard. Giving back to your employees can help boost productivity, morale and engagement, but it’s the rewarding feeling of creating an empowered team that is the best result of all.