While businesses are now accustomed to cleaning more often because of the infectious disease risk created by the pandemic, frequency is not the most important consideration. Upholding the quality of cleaning is essential. High-quality cleaning effectively removes surface soils that can inhibit adequate disinfection and eradicates pathogens that can cause illness.

Having the right tools in your arsenal can help your facility meet the public’s heightened expectations for cleanliness. Read on to learn more about the impact of insufficient cleaning and the supplies that will help you consistently deliver cleanliness.

Cleaning is Front and Center

Whether visiting a hotel, restaurant, retail store or office building, people want reassurance that the environment is clean. Cleanliness lapses can be a detriment to brand reputation and the bottom line. While people expect an entire facility to be clean in order to protect public health and safety, there are particular areas that are especially prone to judgement.

A 2021 survey conducted by The Harris Poll found that 74% of Americans say dirty restrooms would cause them to have a negative perception of a business. Businesses can’t afford for three out of four customers to think poorly of their brand. Many are still experiencing decreased foot traffic levels as an increasing number of people shop online or limit their in-person shopping trips to reduce the risk of exposure. Pleasing customers to secure repeat business and positive word of mouth is key and cleanliness is one way to deliver satisfaction.

Another survey revealed that 87% of Americans want proof that workplaces and businesses are following a recurring cleaning schedule. Many organizations have overhauled their cleaning programs so that cleaning and disinfecting processes now take place in the presence of visitors. It’s important to remember that there may also be greater scrutiny about the products your employees are using to clean and the way they are conducting these processes.

These findings demonstrate how necessary it is to have the right cleaning supplies in place and train workers to use them regularly and properly.

Taking Tools and Products into Consideration

Effective cleaning supplies help employees uphold cleanliness more easily. Consider the following solutions for your business:

  • Safe and sustainable chemicals – Conversations around cleaning often start with the chemicals, as they are used for addressing soils and pathogens. Many businesses began purchasing different types of chemicals to eliminate SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. With cleaning now more frequent and thorough – and happening in the presence of building occupants – it’s important that these solutions do not cause irritation. Take a close look at the product ingredients so that you can be sure your employees and guests aren’t being put in harm’s way. After all, cleaning is meant to remove harmful microbes, not create additional risks.
  • Durable mops and buckets – Floors are quite prone to becoming dirty, no matter the season. Equip your custodial closet and staff with durable mops and dual-cavity buckets that separate dirty water from clean water to reduce the risk of cross contamination. Go the sustainable route by incorporating mops that are manufactured using recycled textiles.
  • Reusable microfiber cloths – Enhance your commitment to sustainability by ditching single-use disinfectant wipes and opting for reusable options instead. Color coded cloths keep workers more organized and enhance safety by reducing the chances that cross contamination will occur.
  • Sturdy brushes and brooms – Visitors will notice the little things, like dirty grout lines and counters. Removing dry soils keeps floors and other surfaces looking their best. Seek out brushes and brooms that repurpose plastic waste into strong tools to further enhance your commitment to sustainability.

A Strategic Supply Closet

Your custodial closet needs to have a variety of cleaning products and equipment in order to address the various surfaces and cleaning needs of your facility. From safe and effective chemicals to durable mops and buckets to reusable microfiber cloths, there are certain solutions that will both simplify and enhance your cleaning program. Strategically selecting these supplies will ensure employees have the right tools to meet today’s high cleanliness standards. Training will further enable them to uphold your brand reputation in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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