Spring is officially here! As the weather gets warmer, people are eager to pack their bags and get away for spring travels. This is a great opportunity for facilities to freshen up their current cleaning routine and prepare for the influx of travelers, especially as we head into the busy summer travel season. This year, it’s expected that spring travel volume will increase by 6% compared to 2023.

To meet current cleanliness expectations and help create a pleasant experience for travelers, take proactive measures by reviewing your facility’s current maintenance protocols and implementing new solutions. Spring into action this season and feel confident in providing a clean, hygienic and welcoming space. The following tips support facilities with spring-cleaning essentials needed to offer travelers reassurance and peace of mind.

First Impressions

You’ve likely heard the phrase that first impressions are key. When it comes to facility cleanliness, it’s essential. Research shows that 53% of young U.S. adults read online customer ratings of a facility before making purchasing decisions. For airports, hotels and popular travel destinations, it’s crucial to exceed travelers' expectations. In fact, over half of travelers have made cleanliness and hygiene a top priority, surpassing expenses and other factors that go into planning trips.

Allow travelers to feel comfortable from the moment they step into your facility by prioritizing clean floors. Outdoor elements like water, snow, mud and debris not only make for unsightly messes but can also cause potential safety hazards. Although not always visible to the human eye, floors harbor a variety of bacteria that pose the risk of spreading infections. Even if your facility floors are not visibly dirty, it’s crucial to have them cleaned daily with high-quality, sustainable cleaning tools.

Environmental Efforts

Prioritizing facility cleanliness shouldn’t mean sacrificing your sustainability goals. Create a hygienic and safe space for travelers with cleaning solutions that are kind to the planet. Recent reports share that 76% of travelers want to travel more sustainably. This is a great opportunity for facility managers to implement sustainable solutions, such as green cleaning, to meet traveler’s preferences while benefiting the planet and their facility.

When looking for ways to implement sustainability, it’s important to be vigilant of false environmental claims, otherwise known as greenwashing. This phenomenon is when companies make misleading or false claims about their product’s environmental impact. A proactive measure to ensure the cleaning solutions your facility uses are genuinely sustainable is by looking for third-party certifications.

This is when products undergo a review process from an accredited independent organization to verify that they meet the criteria to be considered sustainable. Opting for third-party certified products is a helpful way to back up your facility’s environmental claims and offer reassurance to travelers.

Send Germs Packing

Often, spring cleaning evokes a sense of novelty and change. For facility managers, this is a great opportunity to review current cleaning protocols and introduce new cleaning solutions. Don’t let inefficient cleaning routines and overlooked areas drive travelers away. It’s important to ensure your cleaning staff is up to date on how to use cleaning tools properly, the difference between cleaning and disinfecting and how often certain areas need to be attended to.

Routine cleaning for high-touch areas such as public restrooms, railings, door handles and common shared spaces is essential. These spots are often a breeding ground for germs which can quickly spread throughout your facility if not addressed regularly. Research has found that 81% of frequent travelers would prefer to visit facilities that implement enhanced cleaning and safety protocols. Routine cleaning not only prioritizes the health of employees and occupants but creates a more comfortable experience for travelers.

Spring into Action

Spring is the perfect time to freshen up your facility and implement new solutions to meet travelers' expectations. These strategies not only prioritize a clean and hygienic space but also invite travelers into an oasis that elevates their travel experience and creates a vacation to remember.

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