Benefits of Color-Coded Tools

ABCO Products is committed to promoting Color-Coded Tool Solutions to be used as part of an overall zone cleaning program that is critical in food processing. grocery, & food safety solutions to reduce conditions for cross-contamination in customized sanitation programs.

Manufactured with FDA approved materials; color-coded tools are a cornerstone in the design of SSOP’s (Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures) in both food contact & non-food contact areas.

WHY Color Coding

Color-coding designates work zones; each tool is departmentalized as a part of a system and in turn minimizes conditions for potential bacterial & chemical cross-contamination. ABCO Products provides the market with a hygiene solution to more effectively control the spread of food borne illness.

Industries That Benefit from Color Coding

  • Food Manufacturing & Processing
  • Meat Processing
  • Seafood Processing
  • Health Care
  • Cleaning & Sanitization

Zone Distinction

Depending on the difference between zones, this color coding of tools can help with everything from prevention of contamination between zones to proper organization and storage of tools by holding each zone accountable.