A safe and healthy facility starts with clean restrooms. Effectively cleaned and disinfected restrooms are less likely to harbor pathogens. Well-maintained restrooms also give occupants, whether they are employees or guests, peace of mind that the facility is looking out for their well-being. In 2021 and beyond, sustainability also plays a part in restroom maintenance. Green restroom care can help satisfy the increasing demand for businesses to operate with the environment in mind. Read on to learn how restroom care can protect your reputation, your bottom line and differentiate your organization from competitors.

Enhancing Pathogen Protection

The role of restroom maintenance involves, first and foremost, protecting the health of restroom guests. Establishing a frequent and detailed restroom-cleaning routine is essential, and it should account for all high-touch surfaces, including toilets, mirrors, floors, stall doors and more. To enhance cleaning performance and productivity, it is paramount to find the right mop. Restroom floors can get dirty quickly, and cleaning teams should be ready to clean them regularly, even if guests are present.

It’s also important to consider the types of chemicals you’ll be using with mops and cloths for surface cleaning. Select cleaning and disinfecting solutions that are proven to be effective against pathogens of concern. Sustainable and safe chemicals are becoming increasingly important as more facilities look to improve indoor air quality and protect the wellbeing of cleaning professionals as well as building occupants.

Fostering Peace of Mind

Public perceptions have shifted over the last year, with a much higher value placed on facility cleanliness and disinfection. If restrooms are properly maintained, it can give customers and employees peace of mind that the entire facility is clean. It can also demonstrate that an organization values its people. In fact, a recent Harris Poll revealed that 90% of Americans believe employers that pay consistent attention to their workplace restroom cleanliness care more about their employees than those that do not.

Effective restroom maintenance also sets the table for positive brand reputation, which encourages repeat visits. However, customers may assume other parts of a facility are unclean based on a negative experience in the restroom. For instance, another survey revealed that 81% believe restroom cleanliness reflects the overall hygiene standards throughout the establishment, including in the kitchen. In addition, occupants have been shown to spend more money per visit at businesses with clean restrooms, and nearly 60% of Americans in another survey say they would make a conscious decision to visit a specific business because they know it has nice restrooms. Therefore, taking good care of restrooms supports positive perceptions of the business and boosts brand reputation, earning repeat customers and ultimately benefitting the bottom line.

Creating an Opportunity for Greener Operations

Oftentimes, green restroom care is part of a larger company-wide sustainability plan. Ask the question: What products or processes involved in the restroom care program could be more environmentally responsible? Consider unnecessary sources of single-use plastic waste, or chemicals that create residue and require extra rinsing – water that could be saved. Choose reusable and durable products instead.

Additionally, find products that are sustainably manufactured and have a third-party certification such as Green Seal®or the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) system. These reputable third-party organizations provide rigorous vetting on criteria such as effectiveness, emissions reductions and effects on indoor air quality.Certified products comprise high-quality green restroom maintenance programs.

The New Role of Restroom Maintenance

The role of restroom maintenance has evolved. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses treated it as a means of meeting basic hygiene needs and, in some cases, avoiding negative reviews. Some operations did the bare minimum and didn’t realize that an investment in restroom care yields long-term benefits.

Now, the role of restroom maintenance involves more than just keeping up appearances. It is crucial for pathogen protection, can enhance confidence among building occupants and employees and can play a key role in a facility’s larger sustainability program. Restroom maintenance is an area of opportunity as facilities look to live up to the new standard of cleanliness.

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