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ABCO Products uses different materials to make their mop heads. Each comes with its own benefits and drawbacks.


Cotton mop heads are the most economical and some of the most absorbent. Cotton mop heads dry slowly, so they're prone to mildew and quick deterioration if they aren't dried thoroughly after each use. Cotton is a good choice for spill pickup and light-duty cleaning.


Blend mop heads are made with a blend of cotton and synthetic fibers. This combination gives blend heads a good balance of affordability and performance. A blended mop head is a good choice for everyday cleaning and disinfecting.


Rayon is a semi-synthetic fiber made from cellulose with a texture similar to nylon. This material offers good absorption and release, dries quickly, and resists mildew. The downside to rayon is that it shrinks when laundered unless the product you choose has been preshrunk. Rayon is a good choice for applying floor finishes and disinfectants.


Microfiber mop heads are made with very fine synthetic fibers. Microfiber is highly absorbent and offers good cleaning power. Microfiber mop heads tend to be expensive, but are some of the most durable available, so they can be laundered again and again without deteriorating. Microfiber is a premium choice for general-purpose cleaning.


Mop headbands determine how the head is attached to the mop handle. There are two types to choose from.

Narrow Headbands

Narrow headbands measure 1 to 11⁄4 inches wide and attach to quick-release handles, which are sometimes called stirrup-style or gate-style handles. These come at a lower price than wide-band mop heads. Despite the name, they're not as quickly changed as wider-headband mop heads.

Wide Headbands

Wide, 5-inch headbands attach to jaw-style handles that grip the mop head tightly. These wider headbands contribute to a more durable mop. Headbands are made from polyester mesh which provides a scrubbing feature and it's the mesh holes allow the mop to dry faster. These are quick and convenient to change, but slightly more expensive.


  • Increases floor coverage, which increases productivity
  • Extends mop life
  • Better launderability


Head Styles

Quick Change

Thumbwheel and side gate facilitate fast and easy changes. Available in metal or plastic. Works with narrow band & wide bands styles.

Jaw Grip

Threaded compression collar provides secure grip and allows you to change a soiled mophead without touching it. Available in plastic. Works only with wide band styles.

Spring Clamp

The clamp around the handle uses spring tension to lock into place. Clamp is offered in metal or plastic. Works with narrow band.

Stirrup Head

Similar to a quick change, the stirrup models utilize thumbscrew feature to raise and lower the plate head. Does not have slide gate feature. Available in metal or plastic Works with narrow band & wide band styles.


Each mop head's headband determines which style of handle it can be used with, but there are several options among each style to choose from.

Many models of mop handles are color coded for the same reasons as mop heads, to designate certain ones to specific tasks or parts of your building. Mop handles are also made with different materials:

Wooden Handles

The most economical option. They're fairly light, but their rigidity means they'll break or shatter if mishandled.

Aluminum Handles

Lightweight and economical, but can become bent if mishandled.


A good balance between durability, weight, and price.

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