Employee turnover is costly for companies in any industry, but the commercial cleaning industry has some of the highest turnover rates, averaging 200% and sometimes reaching 400% annually. Companies looking for ways to reduce employee turnover can consider implementing a green cleaning program to meet employee demand for cleanliness and sustainability. A combination of frequent, effective cleaning and sustainable practices can show employees you prioritize their health and the health of the planet.

The Tie Between Cleanliness and Employee Retention

In the past year, employees have indicated that health and safety should be a workplace priority. A survey conducted in early 2021 found that 74% of workers hope to work in their offices again in some capacity when it’s safe to do so. However, many employees are still cautious of health and safety, with 88% of Americans intending to remain “extra cautious” of germ spread even after getting vaccinated.

As these workers remain cautious of infectious diseases, they are returning to the office with new expectations of cleanliness. In fact, another 2021 survey found 60% of workers would take a lower paying job if the new role offered a healthier working environment. When changing jobs, 70% of people are now more likely to ask potential employers about health and hygiene protocols before accepting the job.

Now that demand for cleanliness has increased, unclean workplaces can undermine employee retention efforts. When asked what factors would create a stressful workplace environment,nearly half of respondents selected unpleasant odors, poor ventilation and stuffy working rooms. Plus, two in three employees (66%) now expect their offices to be cleaned daily. To ensure offices are up to employee standards, companies can review and assess their cleaning, disinfection and infectious disease prevention programs with an eye toward constant improvements.

Meeting the Demand for Sustainability

While demand for cleanliness has accelerated in the past year, pressure on businesses to adopt sustainable practices has been continuously growing. Consider the following recent research:

  • According to a study from May 2021, 86% of respondents want companies to prioritize people and the planet over profits.
  • Additionally, approximately 90% of people believe brands should make sustainability a standard practice.
  • When it comes to facilities,half of Americans say hotels, healthcare facilities, airports, retail stores and more should implement sustainable cleaning.
  • More thanthree-quarters of millennialworkers claim they would sacrifice higher salaries to work at a sustainable company.
  • By 2025, millennials are projected to take up 75% of the workforce.

A green cleaning program using sustainably manufactured tools and environmentally responsible chemicals can help satisfy employees’ expectations and even make them proud to represent your organization.

Green Cleaning for Employee Retention

For companies pondering how to reduce employee turnover and avoid the many difficulties it causes, consider implementing a green cleaning program. By combining sustainable practices with effective cleaning, employers send the message that they care about meeting evolving employee expectations, which in turn can improve employee retention. To create a green cleaning program, opt for products with sustainable supply chains, tools made from recycled materials, clean chemicals that protect indoor air quality and more.

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