This time of year is all about reflecting on the previous year and setting new goals for what’s to come – particularly when it comes to sustainability goals. Our team works tirelessly to provide end-users with sustainable cleaning tools they can feel good about using at their facilities. The 2023 ISSA Show North America proved we’ve enhanced our status as an industry leader in sustainable cleaning tool manufacturing.

We’re excited to share a few of our favorite moments with you, including winning multiple innovation awards for our sustainability efforts. These recognitions we earned at the show highlight that our hard work is paying off!

And the ISSA Innovation Awards Go to…

The ISSA Innovation Awards, which celebrated its 14th year in 2023, acknowledges companies in the cleaning industry that create innovations that tackle challenges faced by industry professionals. We took center stage with our Natura Yarn Wet and Dry mops, earning not just one, but two awards: the Environment & Sustainability award alongside the Distributor’s Choice award.

Our Green Seal-certified Natura mops, produced through sustainable manufacturing processes at our plant in Honduras, represent our commitment to sustainable manufacturing. In fact, this is the first and only line of Green Seal®-certified wet and dry mops.

We partner with local textile plants in Honduras to turn their garment scraps into our Natura mop heads. Each year, these mops repurposed 12 million pounds of textile waste that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Green2Sustainable Sustainability Recognition

Another favorite moment during the ISSA Show was when we were recognized by Green2Sustainable during its Sustainability Recognition Ceremony. Green2Sustainable provides data-driven results to help organizations measure, improve and report on their energy and sustainability efforts. This acknowledgment is awarded to companies that demonstrate a continuing commitment to sustainability.

We take pride in our dedication to being transparent about our sustainability efforts. Through our Green2Sustainable dashboard, we actively share the latest updates on our environmental initiatives. Transparency is crucial to help foster trust within the cleaning industry. It serves as a catalyst for collaboration because when organizations open up about their sustainability efforts, it unleashes greater potential for collective action toward improving the planet.

New and Improved

The 2023 ISSA Show North America served as a platform to unveil an array of our new products, each designed to redefine efficiency and functionality. Here are a few of the new products we unveiled on the show floor:

  1. 28-Quart Office Waste Can: Perfectly designed for office spaces, this waste can with ample capacity offers an efficient solution for waste management.
  2. 23-Gallon Tight-Space Waste Can with Easy-Lift Venting Channels: Designed to optimize space without compromising on functionality, this waste can features venting channels for hassle-free disposal.
  3. 32- and 44-Gallon Round Waste Cans with Easy-Lift Venting Channels: Larger capacity waste cans equipped with the same venting channels for easy handling.
  4. Janitor Cart: Engineered for versatility and convenience, this janitor cart redefines mobility and organization.
  5. Waste Can Dolly: Enhancing mobility and convenience, this dolly complements waste cans, making transportation effortless and efficient.

The 2023 ISSA Show North America was an incredible opportunity to connect with industry leaders and end users, gain insight from distributors and showcase the innovations we’ve worked extremely hard on. With a steadfast commitment to sustainability and an impressive lineup of new products, ABCO continues to lead the way toward a cleaner, greener future.

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