Types of Yarn


Cotton is the most popular and least expensive yarn for dust mops. Can be enhanced further by adding dust mop treatment which helps attract more dust. We do not recommend laundering cotton yarn dust mops.


Microfiber is made from blend of 80% polyester & 20% polyimide. Microfiber yarn creates an electrostatic charge that attracts the smallest of particles. NEVER require the use of dust mop treatments. Excellent launderability; can be laundered over 200 times.

Synthetic Blends

Synthetic fibers pick up dust by attraction, eliminating the need for dust mop treatments. Blends of polyester & cotton maximize performance & durability. Excellent launderability.

Types of Styles

ABCO provides a complete line of dust mopping 5” width options; disposable, pre-treated, cut-end and looped-end or for convenience, complete kits & accessories as your first line defense for cleaning floors.


This traditional style works well in all but the most demanding dusting applications. Although initially more economical, a cut-end style mop tends to unravel, fray and lint; however, a well made cut fringe dust mop will deliver solid performance under a wide range of conditions.



Looped-end construction eliminates linting and fraying. It provides extra durability in the laundering cycles, with no loose ends; mops last longer, withstand laundering and are far less vulnerable to tangling and deterioration in the laundry.



These dust mops give you an alternative choice for dust control. Disposables are a solid choice in certain circumstances, particularly where laundering is not possible. The longevity of a disposable can be greatly enhanced if brushed out and re-treated.

Disposable loop End Dust Mddddop.jpg