The environmental crisis continues to worsen at an alarming pace. At the current rate, there could be more plastic by weight in our oceans than fish by 2050. The increased intensity of floods, droughts, fires and tropical cyclones have all been directly connected to human-induced climate change. Governments, corporations and individuals across the globe are working to mitigate these effects by limiting their own environmental impacts.

Numerous companies have taken steps to reduce their cleaning program’s environmental footprint as part of overall sustainability goals. Not only do these initiatives benefit the planet, but they can also generate cost savings and give brands a competitive advantage. Hotels, restaurants and more can differentiate themselves to customers choosing between several alternatives. Businesses can start reaping the many rewards of going green today by implementing a green cleaning program in their facilities.

The Business Case for Sustainable Cleaning

By switching to green cleaning, companies can communicate sustainable practices to customers and employees and benefit in the following ways:

  1. Boosting competitiveness. Companies that commit to sustainability have been shown to outperform those who don’t. A 2019 study of S&P 500 brands estimated a total of $487 billion in revenue opportunities for companies embracing sustainability. Additionally, at the height of the last economic crisis, green companies performed better financially and adapted to change more easily than companies with no disclosed sustainability initiatives.
  2. Satisfying customer demands. Nearly eight in 10 consumers say sustainability is important, and of those who believe it to be very or extremely important, over 70% would pay a premium for environmentally friendly brands. With more and more consumers choosing brands based on how they align with their personal beliefs, the value of corporate sustainability will continue to grow. Pursuing sustainability credentials such as LEED from the U.S. Green Building Council or Green Seal®certification demonstrates a facility’s positive environmental efforts.
  3. Attracting the best talent. Sustainability initiatives like green cleaning programs have the potential to help recruit and retain employees. Forty percent of millennials have already taken a pay cut to work at an environmentally conscious company, and 70% said they would remain with an organization that had a strong sustainability plan. Companies looking to grow their workforce can be more competitive by positioning a positive environmental impact as a core value. Businesses are also likely to choose office buildings with sustainable practices to meet this company priority.
  4. Eliminating unnecessary costs. Although going green can require investments up front, reducing waste in your cleaning program can generate long-term cost savings. For example, minimizing the amount of waste your cleaning program generates, whether by using refillable containers or reusable products, can save money on purchasing, shipping, storage and disposal of single-use products. Additionally, several tax credits exist for businesses that make efforts to benefit their local environments.

Starting Your Green Cleaning Program

Transforming facility cleaning operations to be eco-friendly begins with the tools and products used. Consider changing current equipment and cleaning chemicals for more environmentally responsible alternatives.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 11.3 million tons of garment waste went to landfills in 2018. To help reduce the amount of overall waste that goes to landfills, select mop heads constructed from 100% post-industrial textiles and brushes and brooms made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and bottle caps. Additionally, look for manufacturers that integrate sustainability into their own operations, such as by powering their facilities with solar panels.

Due to the severity of the plastic pollution issue, it is important to find ways to limit plastic waste produced by your cleaning operations. For example, instead of regularly purchasing new shipments of individually bottled cleaning solutions, switch to refilling cleaning chemical containers from a larger supply of solution. It is also important to stay alert for greenwashing and confirm that brands fulfill their sustainability claims. By minimizing waste in your operations and sourcing tools and products from verified sustainable companies, your green cleaning program will have a solid foundation for future success.

Committing to a Sustainable Future

Organizations with a green cleaning program set themselves up for financial success by meeting the ever-growing consumer demand for corporate sustainability. Additionally, sustainable initiatives can lead to cost savings and reduce facility waste. Take the plunge into the future and transform your operations into a complete green cleaning program today.

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