Help is on the way! ABCO Cleaning Products has developed an innovative new floor sanitation system that combines state of the art chemical technology with innovative cleaning tool design. The new Grease-Beater™ Floor Cleaning System is a hygienic, easy to use, productive method to ensure cleaner floors that are less slippery for your customers and staff.

The New Grease-Beater™ Floor Cleaning System creates real customer benefits:

  • Grease-Beater™ Wet Mop absorbs nearly twice the amount of liquid, grease & oil than standard blended mops
  • Dual-Cavity Bucket separates dirty & clean solution
  • Less slippery, safer floors
  • Faster dry time for floors & cleaning tools
  • Saves labor/improves cleaning productivity
  • Superior grease release action by wringing is more than twice as efficient than conventional mops
  • Color coded tools support HACCP procedures
  • Cleaner floors creates better customer impression

HACCP Compliance with Zone Cleaning:

Cross contamination prevention and customer safety are major concerns for your food service operation. The Grease-Beater™ Cleaning System offers complete color coding for your three cleaning zone:

  1. Kitchen
  2. Dining
  3. Restroom

Separating your cleaning by zone helps to reduce the potential of cross contamination which supports food, customer and workplace safety. Color-coded tools and zone cleaning are an approved method for developing a comprehensive HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) system.

Grease-Beater Core Tool Line-Up

  • Grease-Beater Mop
  • Dual-Cavity Bucket
  • Dual Surface Deck Brush
  • Floor Squeegee
  • Lobby Broom
  • Outdoor Sweep
  • Universal Handle
  • Corn Broom
  • Toolflext Toolholder