Types of Bristles


Good for wet or dry applications.unaffected by most oils, acids, solvents, alcohols, and chemicals. Polypropylene has excellent stiffness when wet, fair abrasion resistance and fair bend recovery. Because it has very low water absorption, it is resistant to bio-growth. Fibers can be crimped.



Excellent chemical resistance, ultra violet light resistance, and bristle bend recovery. Very good abrasion resistance, and tear/break strength. Sustains temperatures up to 125˚F. Best choice for all around use and for extreme exposure to cleaning chemicals.



Has excellent bristle bend recovery and tear/break strength. Very good chemical resistance forgeneral use up to 180˚F. Best choice for floor sweeps and brooms.



A natural pointed tip, good shear/break resistance, and soft cleaning properties. Good durability and excellent blending properties make this an ideal choice for interior floor sweeps when blended with other fibers.



Natural medium stiff fibers from India palms is an excellent choice for general floor sweeps. Provides good durability and bristle recovery.



Natural Tampico fiber from the Mexican agave plant is a soft to medium soft bristle with very good durability. Good choice for finer floor sweeps and general cleaning scrub brushes.


Stainless Steel Wire

Rust proof, excellent chemical resistance, excellent bend recovery, provides a high degree of abrasion and wear resistance. Best foodservice choice for aggressive cleaning on grills and other heavily soiled foodservice equipment.


Carbon Steel Wire

Provides a high degree of abrasion and wear resistance. Good bend recovery. Best choice for aggressive cleaning on grills and other heavily soiled equipment.


Brass Wire

Rust resistant, provides a high degree of abrasion but is softer than stainless steel or carbon steel to prevent equipment damage. For use on ovens, griddles, and other metal equipment that is heavily soiled but cannot sustain heavy scratches.